Qwerty Comms Reliable business telephony

Flexible pricing

Choose to pay for your calls as you make them or add a call bundle from 500 minutes to unlimited. We will never tie you into any contracts

Call routing tools

We have a range of tools that can help you with efficiently routing calls to an incoming number or mobile. Great for when you are not in the office

Call logs and analysis

Look in detail at the calls coming into your organization and see exactly who answers calls, who calls you the most, average wait times and much more. 

Advanced phone system

Our VoIP phone system comes with a wealth of features.  You can place callers into queues, receiving an email for voicemail. We have you covered

VoIP Pricing

Pay as you go

From £34.99/month

Unlimited Minutes

From £59.99/month

These are just some of the reasons why you should switch to us


We are a local business VOIP provider based in Perth, Scotland. Call us today on 01738 479 564 or drop us an e-mail to team@qcomms.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements

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